Integrated Circuit Capture and PCB Design

As the 'Best In Class' PCB layout and design product in Europe within the shrink-wrapped market, Easy-PC is also one of the most developed products. Number One Systems commitment to continual development and expansion of the product means that every year we offer our existing much-valued customers a new version of the product at a reasonable upgrade price.

Number One Systems’ commitment to the future

We ensure our customer’s investment in software design tools are kept up-to-date and abreast of changes in technology, just one of the reasons that our customers keep coming back year after year.

Easy-PC comes complete with schematic capture fully integrated with PCB layout, using a true connective database - not a net-list transfer as with some systems. You might like to download the trial version and explore more of the key features for yourself. Here are just some of the reasons so many people are buying Easy-PC.

What our customers say about Easy-PC

    “Each version has been an improvement on the last one, in my view it represents the best value for money on the market”
    Custom Cameras Ltd., Mr R Harris

    “We never expected such a professional PCB system at this price”
    CMS (UK) Ltd., Mr John Miles

    “Brilliant software. Very easy to use”
    Malcolm Bell (London) Ltd., Mr M Bell

    “You have very good customer service, impressive”
    AC/DC Lighting Systems, Mr John Gallagher

    “Easy-PC for Windows is an excellent program, I am extremely pleased with it”
    Mr J Bence, Newbury, Berks, UK

So why buy Easy-PC?

Easy-PC was designed to be quite simple to learn so that you, the customer, are productive within a few hours of practice with the product. Frequently, new customers report they are producing their first board within a few days - or even hours - of installing the software - it really is that simple and intuitive!

Unlike some PCB design products, all the electrical connection points in Easy-PC are truely connected. This might not sound that impressive but this ensures that electrical design integrity is maintained throughout the design process, from Schematic to PCB design editors. Your design is always in-sync. Forward and backward annotation ensures there are no human errors introduced at any stage.

Easy-PC is scalable, from the entry-level 1000 pins to an unlimited pins variant. Each version can be upgraded at any time for the difference in list price over the phone with our sales office.

Additional cost options and libraries ensure only features required are purchased.

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