GenCAD Export Option



When your manufacturer requires an advanced manufacturing output for driving assembly or test machines, the GenCAD format is often specified. Programs such as FabMaster or Technomatix use this file as their import format.

To facilitate this requirement, the GenCAD export cost option is an interface which writes an ASCII text file in GenCAD format. Pre-formatted to an exact specification, this format is reliable and proven in the industry.

You can include Component Values from components as 'ATTRIBUTE' entries in the output file. Some manufacturing software needs to access values from the components as an optional field.

Additionally, you can also use the Value in-place of the 'Compname' field in the output. This allows you to use a value on your component instead of the actual Component reference name.

For example, if your manufacturing software identifies parts by the catalogue number stored in the 'MFR' attribute in your components, you would select the check box and select MFR from the drop down list. Then the component definitions in the output file are generated as if the components were actually called by their MFR number.


  • Integrated into Easy-PC PCB design editor environment
  • Exports industry standard GenCAD format
  • Pre-formatted to an exact verified specification
  • Used to drive assembly or test machines
  • Supported and verified by FabMaster and Technomatix
  • Reliable and proven in the industry
  • Requires Easy-PC V14 or greater

Additional Manufacturing Options

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