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Updating Easy-PC 18 to current version 18.0.8 (02-Jun-2015)

From any revision of version 18 to version 18.0.8 More info Download (6.6 Mb)

Updating Easy-PC 17

The updates below are for versions of the software before version 18, which we have made available in case you need to finish a project before upgrading to V18. If you need to update to the current version (Version 18), then you will need to buy an upgrade from our sales office.

Any version 17 or earlier to version 18.0.8 ? More info Contact Sales
Version 17.0.6 to version 17.0.7 (23-Jul-2014) More info Download (4.8 Mb)
Any version 17 to version 17.0.7 (23-Jul-2014) More info Download (7.7 Mb)
Any version 16 to version 16.0.9 (07-Oct-2013) More info Download (6.8 Mb)

Trouble installing updates?

If you get an error message that MFC100.DLL and/or MSVCR100.DLL cannot be found when trying to install the patch, try copying the downloaded patch program to your Easy-PC program folder and running it from there. Alternatively, you can try installing the VS2010 Runtime Files from our Support Tools page

On Windows Vista or later, you may need to run the patch program with Admin permissions to allow it to install program files. To do this, download the patch to your hard drive, then right-click on the downloaded file in Windows Explorer and choose "Run As Administrator".


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