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General General Design Editing Frame-select using keyboard only
Having created a symbol, how do I add it to the design?
How can I change the 'angle' at which tracks and shapes are drawn?
How do I place components using a reference point?
I saved my design and I see another file with a “~” character before it, what is this?
Making scroll bars more responsive
Multiple Modules
Setting properties of multiple items
General design editing Why colour files will not update my design
Libraries Can I create my own components?
Can I reuse Symbols or Footprints in other Components?
Changes to Library handling in Version 12
Components with non-sequential pins
Designing surface mount footprints
Disappearing silkscreen shapes
Finding 'missing' libraries
How can I create a pad shape that isn't provided by the application?
How can I verify that the symbol I have created is correct?
How do I add my own values to components?
How do I create a connector?
How do I find the component I am looking for?
How do I manually create a component?
How do I place pads on a certain pitch on my footprint?
How to tell the program where to look for library files
If I use the supplied libraries, should I verify them for my own use?
Importing libraries from Easy-PC DOS
Is there an automatic method to create Components and Symbols?
Recovering components and symbols from designs
Surface mount footprints with heatsink pads
Why are my footprint pads not showing as surface mounted?
Why are there three types of library, do I need them all?
Overview Which should I create first, the Schematic or PCB designs?
Why do I even need a Schematic design?
Properties How do I change the value of capacitors, resistors, etc?
Installation and Setup Databook Databook cannot find 'templates'
Grid Registry Permission issues when registering grid control
Vista and Windows7 issues with Component Edit grid
HASP Manually removing HASP drivers
Licensing Licensing the software
Missing file Unable to run Easy-PC - missing MFC100.DLL
Mouse Problems with middle mouse button and wheel
Moving Easy-PC to another machine Moving Easy-PC
Router Installing and licensing Pro-Router
What to do if Pro-Router will not run
Vista Turning off Vista UAC (User Account Control)
PCB Design Checking How do I correct DRC errors?
Should I clear all the design rule errors?
What checks should be done on my finished design?
Design for Manufacture Customising solder mask and paste
Glue mask for flow soldered SMT
How do I decide how many layers I need to use in my design?
Producing a solder mask
What size vias should I be using?
General Design Editing Adding multiple tracks to increase 'thickness'
Can I swap 'units' during the design process?
Controlling default track widths
Finding the component to which a name belongs
How can I join two nets together in the PCB design?
How do I make mounting holes?
How do I place a component on the back of the board?
General design editing Layers
General Design Editing Selecting overlapping items
Using Bitmaps on PCBs
Manufacturing How do I create a bill of materials (BOM) for my design?
Plotting and Printing Finding plot reports
How to produce an assembly drawing
Printing to File
Setting up output options
Poured Copper Autorouting with poured copper
Can I create split plane layers?
Copper Pour Management
Finding isolated poured copper
Getting best results from Pour Copper
How do I remove poured copper?
Using Copper Areas after pouring
What controls the size of the gaps around poured copper?
Pre-manufacture Checks Seeing what your powerplane looks like
Repetitive Blocks Creating designs with repetitive blocks
Schematic Display How do I display the logic names for my component on the schematic?
General Design Editing Can changes made in the Schematic design be sent to the PCB?
Methods of making connections in a Schematic
Where do I find power and ground symbols in the library?
Projects How can I create a multi-page Schematic?
Simulation Troubleshooting Common problems when using Easy-Spice