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Importing libraries from Easy-PC DOS Back


The procedure for importing DOS libraries for use in Easy-PC for Windows is covered here.

Only libraries from Easy-PC Professional or Easy-PC Professional XM can be imported. Libraries from the basic DOS Easy-PC do not contain enough information.

Identifying library files

The library type are identified by their file extensions:

  • Schematic symbol libraries are *.sic which import to *.ssl (*.sib are backup DOS libraries which may be renamed if the original is not available).
  • Pcb symbol libraries are *.pic which import to *.psl (*.pib are backup libraries which may be renamed if the original is not available).
  • Component libraries. Four extensions are needed. If any are missing, the library cannot be imported. These are *.idx, *.nfo, *.par, and *.pno. No backups are available.


Symbol libraries should be imported before the matching component libraries. The procedure for both types of symbol library is the same, so only schematic symbol import will be described.

Make a note of the header part of the filename of any libraries you wish to import. In Easy-PC for Windows, go to [File], [Libraries], and click on [New Lib.]. Create new libraries matching the names you noted. e.g., Fred.sic would require a library Fred.ssl to be created. Next, select each library in turn, and click on [Add File]. Browse for the matching DOS library, and click on [Open]. The contents of the symbol library will be added.

The procedure for component libraries is similar, but with one important difference. For component libraries only, it is not a requirement that the library name in Windows match the DOS library. This is because components reference their symbols by name AND library name (**see below), but designs only reference their components by the component name, with no reference to the library. When browsing for the matching DOS component library, select the file with the 'idx' extension. This will reference the other files. The import will fail if a complete set of files is not available.

**Note - From V12, components only keep a note of the symbol name, not the library, so different criteria apply. It's no longer necessary to match DOS symbol library names to their Windows import library, but it IS important to check for duplicate symbol names. Because components search for symbols, only the first occurrence of any duplicate symbols will ever be used.

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