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This FAQ covers two issues: Printing to FILE, and Printing to Postscript. Both issues are covered by the procedure below.


Easy-PC can print to Postscript and/or file. This is a standard feature of Windows and the printing mechanism.

You set it up like this:

  1. Click Start (from the Taskbar) | Settings | Printers
  2. Click Add Printer
  3. Follow the Wizard
  4. The attached Printer should be set to Local
  5. For the Manufacturer it is recommended that you use Apple and the Printer as Apple LaserWriter Plus (this driver is fairly generic but check your own requirements and do a test first)
  6. The output device in Available Ports should be set to FILE:
  7. After this, the device name and test page are not important
  8. Follow the Wizard to the finish page and click Finish
  9. You may need to have the Windows installation disk if you don't have the CAB files on the hard drive

When you select the Windows printer in Easy-PC now, choose this new printer driver which will now print a Postscript file to disk and not the printer. It will ask you for an output filename when run and will provide you with the .PS file extension.

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