A wide range of components is supplied in our standard and supplementary libraries, but you should definitely still check them before relying on them for actual designs.
Even though they have been supplied by us, we do not claim to be infallible, so you should still check them. As well as checking that the pin numbers are correct, you should also check that the pad size styles are suitable for your design and manufacturing process. Use a data sheet for the recommended parameters.  If in doubt, call your manufacturer and ask his advice  It is a lot less costly to do it now than after the board has been made!  For example, the standard surface mount footprints we supply are suitable for both flow soldering and reflow soldering, but may be too large for dense applications.
You should also check that the Schematic Symbols look in proportion in your Schematic design -  do they look too big or too small in relation to the other symbols?