Although you can if you wish create your board directly as a PCB design without a schematic, there are benefits to starting with a Schematic.

  1. The Schematic design is used to capture the design logic before creation of the physical PCB design. It is generally accepted that the logical circuit of the Schematic is easier to draw out. However, your intended use for the Schematic drawing will affect how ‘pretty’ you want it to look.
  2. If the Schematic is for a book, engineer or other formal process, it should be created to a standard or kept logical and structured.
  3. If the schematic is purely as a concept capture tool as the front-end to the PCB, you can make it look as rough as you like, provided you can still understand it. All the shortcuts and time-saving features available to you in Easy-PC can be utilised, such as fully implied connections etc.
  4. The Schematic can be used as a check at the end of the PCB design stage, to ensure that you haven't accidentally altered the 'netlist' by connecting or disconnecting pins while routing the board.