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 Simple connection editing in schematics.
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Posted - 24 Oct 2017 :  15:32:47  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It's been a while but I've finally come back to doing some schematic/PCB work, and one or two annoyances rear their heads again!

Let's start with this one:

If I want to move a group of components on a schematic, I do the obvious thing of dragging a box round them to highlight them, and then dragging one of the highlighted components which of course moves all of them. So far so good. The problem comes though with net connections that go into and out of that box, specifically ones which are dead straight up to a connection dot which is outside that box. In this case, instead of leaving that dot where it is and redrawing the connection to it, the software considers the whole line up to that dot, AND that dot itself, to be part of the group being moved. This of course means that ALL the other lines going to any such targetted dots get redrawn to maintain connectivity, and I then have to go round straightening everything up again! It does however leave a dot alone if the associated net connection between it and the box is not straight.

I'm running V19 btw - I'd like to think 21 has fixed this?


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Posted - 24 Oct 2017 :  18:01:25  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You can change this behaviour, go to the 'Schematics Interaction' tab in preferences and down the bottom of it select the 'Only If Completely Framed' option.
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Posted - 25 Oct 2017 :  10:07:25  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Yes I guess this is the only way round it. It would be nice if it worked in both modes, as it should, it's only that one thing that does something it shouldn't, but ticking that box does give a usable workaround. Thanks Nigle.
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