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 Duplicate libraries
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Posted - 15 Jul 2018 :  22:26:11  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have just updated to V21 and I am having trouble with the libraries.
I have two copies of the library files,
1. C:user/public/public documents/easy pc/libraries
2. C:user/public/public documents/easy pc/libraries1
They have identical files , But the contents are different
ie discrete has a file I created called Heatsink
in library 1 all the Schematic I created are there
but in library 2 they are not.
My question is , is there a way to merge the files?

John Baraclough

United Kingdom
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Posted - 17 Jul 2018 :  16:53:47  Show Profile  Visit John Baraclough's Homepage  Reply with Quote
As the distributed libraries will get overwritten every time you upgrade to a new version you should keep your own components in a separate library. To copy a component from one library to another:

Select the library and click on the component
Click on "Export"
This will create a .elt file with all the component details.
Import this to a new library and you are done.

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Posted - 17 Jul 2018 :  17:16:12  Show Profile  Visit edrees's Homepage  Reply with Quote
John B's advice about keeping your created components in different folders is very good.

However, to copy (or move) Components from one Library to another,-
Then select Component Tab. Select Component, (Ctrl-click multiple entries possible) then,-
"Copy To.." or "Move To" etc etc. .Move will erase the original Library entry.
No necessity to create "elt" files.

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Iain Wilkie

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Posted - 17 Jul 2018 :  18:05:27  Show Profile  Visit Iain Wilkie's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Elt files are handy to transfer components from one user to another.

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Posted - 18 Jul 2018 :  08:59:17  Show Profile  Visit DavidM's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Main benefit I see from ELT files is that they are a "self-contained" package of component and the pcb and scm symbols needed by the component(s), all in one file. They weren't really designed for moving stuff around between libraries, but I guess that would work.

Really is worth re-iterating that any library items you create yourself, or any that you lift from our supplied libraries and modify for your own use, should be saved to your own named library files, preferably with those files in a separate folder to the ones installed with the product. Place that folder at the top of the search order and the application will always find your custom or modified items before the master library ones, and you won't be in danger of losing data if you later overwrite the master libraries when you install the next version of software.

Oh, and of course back everything up regularly! We all do that already, don't we?

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Posted - 19 Jul 2018 :  12:15:33  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks for your replies.
I agree I should have created seperate libraries.
Oh well live and learn.
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