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 the new Acid Trap
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Posted - 24 Aug 2018 :  15:18:22  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I've turned on the new Acid Trap check, and it throws up a lot of errors. I'm trying to go through and eliminate them straightening track entrys and using "Auto adjust track", "Smooth Track","Pull Tight Track", "Auto Mitre Selection" . Some of the tools seem to create more Acid Traps. It seems very persnickety - is there some tool defined that can help. ?

The new feature is defined as
Acid Traps: This checks for acid traps between Track segments and between Tracks and Pads within the design that infringe the rules defined.
I'm using the defaults.
Minimum Allowed Angle is defined between track segments or between the edge of a track segment
and the pad shape it exits from. An angle of 0 disables this check. An angle greater than 90 degrees
will only apply to track segments and not the exit angle from a pad.
As well as the detection of acute angles (less than the Minimum Allowed Angle defined), the angle
also represents calculated angles based on tracks closer than the gap between the pad and the
offending segment. This is defined as the Minimum Allowed Gap

Iain Wilkie

United Kingdom
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Posted - 25 Aug 2018 :  10:18:15  Show Profile  Visit Iain Wilkie's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I wouldn’t get too hung up about this. Obvious acid traps are easy to spot and even then it may be in an area that were if there was trapped acid due to the copper widths and not really cause any problem.

Just use common sense really.

The issue of Acid traps has been reduced in recent years by fabricators switching to the use of photo activated etching solutions. So, while it is still a good idea to make sure that your traces do not meet acute angles, the issue is less of a worry than it had been in the past.


Edited by - Iain Wilkie on 25 Aug 2018 10:20:01
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Posted - 25 Aug 2018 :  11:26:09  Show Profile  Visit edrees's Homepage  Reply with Quote
is there some tool defined that can help. ?

Yes there is! DRC=> Manufacturing =>Untick "Acid Traps"!

Unfortunately, a pretty useless "enhancement" in V22 in my opinion, (no doubt some will disagree). It must have taken the Developers quite some time to work out the definition of an acid trap whereas the human Mk1 eyeball has an automatic acid trap detection capability built in.

As Ian says, you can (usually) spot a "good" acid trap miles away when (manually) laying out your pcb design. I'm fairly sure that the EasyPC "Autorouters" and other similar tools aren't aware of such things as acid traps, - another reason to manually layout your pcb design.
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Iain Wilkie

United Kingdom
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Posted - 25 Aug 2018 :  15:34:35  Show Profile  Visit Iain Wilkie's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Yes I agree with Ed, I switched the acid trap check on, took a sharp intake of breath and switched it off again !
Not of any great use !

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Posted - 24 Oct 2018 :  19:19:19  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I just switch it off.
Just another useless add on.
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