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Posted - 28 Jan 2019 :  14:22:22  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Ok before I add an extra "ol" to the title(!!), can anyone shed some light on the use of Blocks?

A colleague is struggling to use the Block function in Pulsonix so I thought I'd have a play with it on my EZPC (V19). I haven't use it before because I always thought it would be more of a pain than a help, and so far my mind is made up even more strongly on that!!

I can add a block, add number of ports etc and get it to generate a new sch for the contents, but I cannot get the "adding a block port" thing to give me any sensible results. I can add block ports to the sch fine but they are unlocatable on the block itself afterwards, the block and the associated sch do not appear to communicate with each other much, other than clicking on the block opening up the sch. I should be able to add a port to the sch and at least find it on the block itself somehow so I can connect to it surely?? Nope, the block maintains its a,b,c,d etc naming and appears to offer no functionality under Properties or anywhere else regarding associating them with what's on the sch.

Also (and the whole reason my colleague is trying to use it) is that it would be nice if a design which uses multiple instances of the SAME block of circuitry could use this function, making it so a design change to that block can be done once and find its way to all the other similar blocks, but this can't happen either. Creating a new block and asking it to have the same sch contents, or even duplicating a block (the implication being very definitely that I want another instance of the SAME thing) both generate a new (and renamed!) copy of the sch instead, so a 16 channel driver board (for example) will end up with 16 identical (but renamed) sch's. I cannot for the life of me imagine why the "duplicate" function would do this blindly without perhaps offering the "do you want to reference the same sch" option?! Why even offer a duplicate function when the Block function here is clearly aimed at a tiered schematic structure?

I have btw been through the Help pages and have found nothing useful re help with this. I have however found forum threads here from a while ago detailing similar problems but with no solutions other than effectively "don't use it"!!
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