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 Save-to-lib fails to copy packages (Easy-PC crash)
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Posted - 21 Feb 2012 :  08:46:56  Show Profile  Visit erik_gtd's Homepage  Reply with Quote
We are using Easy-PC v15.0.5 and are currently creating our own libraries, partly using new components, partly using existing components and we are experiencing problems when copying components from one to another library.

More specific, when using the save-to-lib option in the library manager, the component packages are not copied into the target library, although Easy-PC will happily show that it succesfully did...

This has been tested on several different PC's and the behaviour is always the same, resulting in an incomplete library.

Basically the problems cause two severe issue which are described below:

Issue 1. - Save-to-lib fails to copy packages

Example to reproduce the issue:

- Create empty .cml, .sml and .psl library files (eg. p.cml/ssl/psl)
- Go to components tab
- Select library 'discrete.cml'
- Select component 'R-SM'
- Click save-to-lib and select your empty library (eg. p.cml/ssl/psl)
- Mark all checkboxes and click OK
- Easy PC will reply saying it copied 1 symbol, 2 packages and 1 component

- Now go back to the component tab and select your target lib (p.cml), which should contain R-SM
- Either easy-pc will now either crash or you will see that the footprints are missing
- This is identical when selecting the package-tab

The above behaviour thus results in incomplete components and this is reproducible when using different source and target libraries.

Issue 2. - Empty symbol or packes crashes Easy-PC when using component editor

Resulting from issue 1, an attempt to restore the component manually, by using the component editor, the empty package or symbol will crash Easy-PC (unrecoverable error) upon opening (using Edit... in component tab of library manager).

This very undesirable and could be easily checked by Easy-PC and show at least a warning instead of the unrecoverable error.

In the end, these issues make the save-to-lib option completely unusable and what is much worse, it results in incomplete libraries (of which one is not aware until actually using the components in the schematic or pcb...)

To make it even more complicated, although it seems that the package or symbol is not copied, some kind of reference is made anyway, because when copying the symbol using the Copy-to button, an error appears that the symbol actually already exists...

If this happens when using save-to-lib to copy to a non-empty library (psl/ssl), sometimes it's also no longer possible to delete the empty symbol. The only way to restore the library file is then to manually (!!!) copy all symbol/packages to a new library file.

Update (Feb 23, 2012)
Additionaly, we've also tested this in RS DesignSpark (which is derived from Easy-PC), and similar behaviour is observed here as well. Save-to-lib fails to copy packages and schematic symbols. Upon opening the component library again, DesignSpark quit also with an unrecoverable error.

So in our opinion, there seem to be some severe bugs in the library management system, which should be resolved as soon as possible, because using the library system as it is right now, is not only very prone to errors, but it's also proving to be very unreliable...

Edited by - erik_gtd on 23 Feb 2012 08:06:01

Iain Wilkie

United Kingdom
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Posted - 23 Feb 2012 :  10:40:51  Show Profile  Visit Iain Wilkie's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I had a similar (if not he same problem) a while back and support sent me a "fix" ...... however I would have thought this would have been incorporated into the latest update (05).

I suggest you contact support directly with this ...

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Posted - 23 Feb 2012 :  10:42:37  Show Profile  Visit erik_gtd's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I've already contacted them. They were able to reproduce the issue and have it currently under investigation.
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Posted - 16 Mar 2021 :  12:50:01  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

We're now on another major release of "Design Spark" and up to V24.0.3 on "Easy PC" and it still hasn't been solved yet – I've just reproduced the same symptoms identical to the OP on my 24.0.3. install!

Chris Williams
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Iain Wilkie

United Kingdom
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Posted - 16 Mar 2021 :  15:41:52  Show Profile  Visit Iain Wilkie's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Best reporting this kind of error direct to Number One rather than on the forum.

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