Sometimes you might have difficulty getting Pro-Router to work.

This will typically result in either a failure to generate any results, or, more commonly, an error message of the form "Aroute.exe has caused an error in xxxxxx. Aroute.exe will now close". There are two possible causes for this, but in both cases they are fundamentally that the ProRouter licence has failed to be recognised. The two possible problems are either a failure of the key (dongle) to be read, or an incompatibility between the elements of the licence.

The first possibility is the easier one to check. The following instructions make the assumption that Easy-PC has been installed in the default folder. If not, you will need to adjust them accordingly.

  1. Insert your Hasp key (dongle) into a suitable USB port, and close Easy-PC.
  2. Open a command prompt. In XP and earlier, do this by typing 'command' into the 'Start' (or 'Run') box on the start menu. In Vista, this can be found as a 'Command Prompt' shortcut under [All Programs], [Accessories].
  3. At the command prompt type, "cd \Progra~1\Number~1\Easy-PC ". This is not case semsitive. The prompt will change to "C:\Program Files\Number One Systems\Easy-PC".
  4. Type "HaspID ". This will list a number of parameters, the most important one of which is the Hasp key number near the end. Make a note of this. If it isn't a long number (9-10 digits), then there may be a driver problem.
  5. If you suspect a driver problem, type "Hinstall -r ", followed by "Hinstall -i ". In both cases you should see the message "Command completed successfully". If you do not, a later driver than the default one may be needed. In any case, re-run HaspID as above to see if the key is being read correctly.
  6. To obtain a new driver, please visit the Aladdin web site. The driver you require is the top one in the table "HASP4 Device Driver Downloads", called "". When this has been downloaded and unzipped, just run the executable, and a new driver will be installed. When complete, re-run HaspID from the command prompt to check for correct functioning.

If it still doesn't work...

This completes the procedure for checking, repairing, and updating the key device driver. If a problem is still present, it's likely to be a licensing issue. This is not something which can be addressed by a user. However, it can speed things up if the right information is sent to the support desk. Here's what's needed for checking:

  1. If your system is licensed using a key, the key number as given by 'HaspID' above. Otherwise, the 'System ID Number' as reported by [Help], [About Easy-PC] from within the program.
  2. A copy of the file 'Licence.lic' found in the Easy-PC folder.
  3. Your customer reference number if known. This makes checking our records significantly easier.