The high-performance auto-routing option for Easy-PC

Pro-Router delivers a new dimension of advanced auto-routing performance for Easy-PC users. It provides fast operation and high completion rates of auto-routing on the most densely packed, multi-layer PCB designs. A high performance auto-router delivering minimal overall track lengths and via counts; Pro-Router is the ideal routing solution for large or complex designs.

Multi-pass algorithm

Pro-Router uses a multi-pass cost-based conflict reduction algorithm to find a routing solution adapting to the natural flow of the nets. Adaptive routing algorithms are the only proven approach to reach high completion rates on high density designs and with Pro-Router you can achieve results in a fraction of the time it would take to route your board manually.

Routed example
The example above shows 388 components, 2089 component pins, 4 layer power & ground, components both sides of board - routed 100% using Pro-Router in 12 minutes on 2.0 Ghz Pentium.

Pro-Router gives you the quality of routing results frequently seen with manually routed designs. Plus, speed and completion rates normally only associated with auto-routers at 20x to 40x the price of Pro-Router. Pro-Router is integrated into the Easy-PC design environment, so no exporting of designs and importing results. Just click "Pro-Router" and press the "Route" button, the application does the rest.

Routed example
This example is 53 components, 1287 component pins, 4 layer, routed 100% using Pro-Router in 6 minutes on 2.0 Ghz Pentium.

Routed example
Detail - Pro-Router gives clean, smart results with a "manually routed" appearance.


  • Unlimited Power Plane layers
  • Gridless routing of up to 256 layers
  • Via size by net class
  • SMD escape fanout control
  • Routes SMDs on both sides
  • Memory routing pass
  • Split/full Plane/Ground Planes support
  • Customisable cost factors
  • Post-route cleanup optimisation
  • Runs under Windows XP,Vista & Windows 7
  • Available with Easy-PC version 9 onwards

Choice of Pro-Router Models

We offer a range of Pro-Router models with varying capacities to suit your design needs and budget:

  • Unlimited pins and layers
  • Unlimited pins, 6 layers
  • Unlimited pins, 4 layers
  • 2000 pins, unlimited layers
  • 1000 pins, unlimited layers

Prices for the Pro-Router can be found here

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