Produce data for MCAD with GenCAD Export

When your manufacturer requires an advanced manufacturing output for driving assembly or test machines, the GenCAD format is often specified. Programs such as FabMaster or Technomatix can use this file as their import format. To facilitate this requirement, the GenCAD export cost option is an interface which writes an ASCII text file in GenCAD format. Pre-formatted to an exact specification, this format is reliable and proven in the industry.

The Easy-PC GenCAD output option conforms to the GenCAD V1.4 specification.


  • Outputs GenCAD V1.4 format files
  • Integrated into the Easy-PC PCB Design editor
  • Dialog driven for simplicity
  • Optionally include component values and copper shapes
  • Option to use value (such as manufacturer part number) in place of component name

Prices for the GenCAD Export option can be found here

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