Intelligent Gerber Import

Rebuild designs with Intelligent Gerber Import

You can reverse engineer Gerber data from any original source to create an Easy-PC design. Using the Intelligent Gerber Import option, you can load existing Gerber files created from another other CAD package and rebuild them into the Easy-PC design format. Using intelligence within this option you can build and use components, fully rebuild track paths with vias and layer changes and regain full component placement. The track paths will be rebuilt fully intact using full connectivity and with system net names allocated.

The result is a layout that looks and feels like it was originally created in Easy-PC from scratch. From this you can even rebuild the PCB back into an original Schematic using the Reverse Engineer option in Easy-PC.


Two Options in one - Viewer and Rebuild

The Intelligent Gerber Import option enables both viewing of Gerber files and intelligent design rebuild. You can use the reader for viewing and verifying Gerber plots before sending them away for manufacture. If Gerber files are all you have for the design, the intelligent import will rebuild the design where the original design doesn't exist.

Intelligent Import

All Gerber files, Excellon NC Drill files and optional BOM data used for manufacturing the design are imported at the same time using a simple 'drag and drop' onto the dialog. This dialog allows you choose multiple files and select their usage before displaying the file names. You can add, edit and manage files in this dialog.


Nothing is lost

This option imports electrical and non-electrical (silkscreen type) layers fully retaining all design integrity.

Intelligent Import

During the process, 'flat' artwork pads are rebuilt into their pad stacks and given appropriate style names based on their size. Drawn shapes in the Gerber files are rebuilt into tracks and automatically assigned net names. Connectivity is reconstructed through pads acting as vias at this point and to terminating pads. The full track path is rebuilt. Pads can be converted to vias to further add intelligence back to the design.

Component Rebuild

Component details are rebuilt in two ways depending on what is available to you.You can use existing components from your library and using a selection of areas within the design, can identify then replace components.

Alternatively, you can select areas of the design (usually around identifiable component shapes), then use the Generate Component option to recreate the component and footprint in the design.

Using this facility enables the original placement position of the components to be fully retained.

Via Rebuild

Pads within the design acting as vias on tracks can be converted into vias using the Pad to Via option. Multiple selection of pads enables this task to be completed quickly.

Use of Original Bill Of Materials

If the original bill of materials (BOM) is available, this can also be used during import. You can apply the existing BOM to recreate the original parts list. Where components match those in the existing library, they are added to the component bin for the subsequent replacement of imported pads and shapes.

Looks like an Easy-PC Originated Design

Designs are rebuilt as though they were originally created in Easy-PC, all items fully connected and maintaining full component/net integrity, all from Gerber files.

Schematics Rebuild

Once the PCB design is fully rebuilt, using the Reverse Engineer option, you can then rebuild the Schematic design as well. So, from original Gerber files, you can completely rebuild your Project in Easy-PC format, this fully rebuilds your design and library IP in a reusable format.


  • Intelligent Gerber Import option allows viewer and rebuild options
  • Imports electrical and non-electrical layers
  • Rebuild pad stacks from 'flat' artworks
  • Rebuild shapes back into tracks and connect to pads/vias
  • Rebuild selected entities into components
  • Use framed areas to replace with existing components from your library
  • Rebuild components back in their original placement locations
  • Apply an existing bill of materials (BOM) during import to recreate original parts list
  • Tools to rebuild designs as though originally created in Easy-PC
  • All items fully connected and maintaining full component/net integrity
  • Use Reverse Engineer on rebuilt PCB design to generate matching Schematic design

Prices for the Intelligent Gerber Import option can be found here

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