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Number One Systems Training Courses

Number One Systems training courses and services are designed to bring you the quickest productivity to your design tools. All courses are carefully constructed with specific 'themes' to enable you to choose the course that meets your requirements.

Professional Instruction

Led by experienced industry specialists, each course will provide you with both product information and additional 'value-added' information that will aid your use of the tools.

Training Locations

All our courses are available in our dedicated training facility here in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, or can be presented offsite at your own offices, or indeed at a local hotel near you if you prefer. During courses at our facility in Tewkesbury, tea, coffee and other refreshments are provided, as is a buffet lunch, all included in the course cost.


All courses are run using the latest release of software although most functions can be applied to older versions of the application.

Courses Available

Below is a summary of the courses we offer, details of each course is available as a datasheet:

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For more information or to book a course, please contact Sales.


As well as pre-set and custom training courses, we also offer a Consultancy service.

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Easy-PC Schematics and PCB - 2 days

Course Description

This course includes all steps for designing a printed circuit board (PCB) from inputting the concept into the Schematic editor, right through to the PCB layout stage and onto generating manufacturing plots. All basic tools used in these tasks are explored and discussed.

Target Audience

New users to the product who want to accelerate their understanding of the tools available and when to use them.


  • Product fundamentals - Common functions such as Move, Edit, Rotate, Copy and Flip
  • Customising the user interface
  • Using the Schematic and PCB design editors
  • Library creation and management
  • Outputting to manufacturing

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Course Agenda

Day 1

  • Designing with the Schematic editor
  • User interface, menus and toolbars
  • Function keys - definition and usage
  • Finding and Adding Components
  • Searching the Library for Components
  • Using the Interactive placement tools
  • Adding and editing Component Values
  • Connecting electrical items with Nets
  • Using the Component Bin
  • Projects, Flat sheet and Hierarchical designs
  • Transferring the Schematic to the PCB design editor, resolving errors and understanding warnings
  • Forwarding design changes to the PCB during design
  • Printing your Schematic designs


Day 2

  • Starting a new PCB design
  • Using Technology Files and what they can do for you
  • Creating and editing pad styles and stacks
  • Adding and modifying layers
  • Input of design and spacing rules
  • Placing components from the Component Bin
  • Library creation - using the Symbol Wizards and interactively creating library items
  • Managing your own libraries with the supplied ones and custom libraries
  • Manually routing tracks in the design
  • Managing Nets and Track thickness
  • Copper Pour Areas and thermal connections
  • Checking the design against the schematic and resolving errors (Integrity Check, Design Rules Checking)
  • Back annotation of name changes to the Schematic
  • Outputs to manufacturing (Gerber, Excellon, PDF, Windows and ODB++)
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Custom Courses

Course Description

We can tailor courses to suit your own requirements. The course can be a blend of any of our standard courses together with topics of your own agenda. We find this particularly useful for customers who have specific design requirements or wish to work through topics of their own choosing. Perhaps an area of functionality is of trouble to you, Library Creation for example with custom footprints, or Hierarchy in Schematics, we can accommodate this with this course.

An agenda is agreed before you attend to give our instructor time to prepare additional notes for you. For topics covered during the course but not previously documented, we will send you reference notes after the course has been completed so you have these at your office to use.

Target Audience

Any user who has specific requirements or is tight for time and requires focused attention. This is a highly productive method of learning and can be very beneficial to you.

Bring in your own designs and examples and show us the problems you are trying to solve, our instructor will guide you through this.


  • Product instruction on all or any aspects of Easy-PC
  • Can include any items from the standard courses
  • Customised for your own requirements
  • Practical example lead using your own designs
  • Work through your own design difficulties
  • Supplied with user notes and custom notes

Course Agenda

Typically includes:

  • Front to back Schematic to PCB design
  • Understanding options and design settings
  • Library creation
  • Checking the design
  • Plotting and printing
  • Custom topics
  • Working with your design and resolving problems

Minimum number of attendees

This course will be run with one or more attendees.

Register your interest

For more information or to book onto a course, please contact Sales.

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With a wealth of experience in the PCB design and manufacturing marketplace, we are able to offer a technical consultancy service on many aspects of design, manufacture and software development. Our service is also available for special unscheduled software projects for features or facilities not in your current product.

We have already successfully developed some new facilities and converters for customers who have approached us through this service. With over 160 man years of software development experience we are able to offer many diverse solutions to problems which might arise.

Please contact our sales team for more information or to discuss your requirements.


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