IDF Export

Produce data for MCAD with IDF Export


The IDF 2.0 and 3.0 export option allows you to export your designs into your mechanical CAD (MCAD) system using the industry standard IDF format.

IDF provides an alternative format to DXF for systems which do not support the AutoCAD format. IDF has become an alternative with the higher end 3D MCAD systems especially where solid modelling is used.

IDF Export

The IDF option exports two files for both format types. These two files define the board outline and component positions and the component boundary, height, units and part name. This information is used by the MCAD system to create the board and show a representative 'picture' of the finished populated PCB design.

Version 3.0 of IDF supports the mounting offset of the component above the PCB itself. This would be used if the component requires a socket or special mounting feature to be defined and allowed for when showing its true height. This value would be in addition to the component height value defined.


  • Outputs both IDF 2.0 and 3.0 formats (switchable)
  • Integrated into the Easy-PC PCB Design editor
  • Dialog driven for simplicity
  • Outputs files for board and component definitions
  • Includes attribute driven interface for height information transfer
  • Seamless integration with your mechanical CAD system

Prices for the IDF Export option can be found here

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