Split planes allow you to define more than one copper plane on a single layer, rather than the more 'traditional' method of dedicating a whole layer to a single power or ground plane. You may need to do this if your design uses multiple power nets, or perhaps if you need to add an area of ground shielding under specific components.

  • Split planes can be created at the start of your PCB design process or you can add them as required at any time while creating the PCB.
  • To add a split power plane, you must add a copper pour area to a power plane layer. The power plane layer must be defined as B ias: Power Plane in the Layers page of the Design Technology dialog.
  • The Copper Pour area (for a split plane only) remains unpoured at all times. The filling of the area will be done during the plotting output stage.
  • When a Copper Pour area is used, the thickness of area is used to create part of the isolation from other items. Obviously, item to copper spacing clearances are used during plotting.
  • When plotting, Copper Pour area outlines are not plotted.