One of the key manufacturing outputs is a Bill Of Materials (BOM). There is no predefined standard for what this contains, so you will need to decide what your BOM actually needs in it.

A bill of materials can be created by using the Reports option from the Output menu.

Under the 'User Reports' section you will find two Bill Of Materials entries, one generates a readable text report and the other generates a CSV file suitable for reading into a program such as Excel.

As the heading of this section of the dialog suggests, these reports are user-formattable. If you want to tailor the output of one of these reports for your own use it is recommended that you first Copy the report to a new name and edit that. The original report will then remain in place for you to refer back to in the future.

Under the 'Built-in Reports' section there is also a 'Parts List' option that can produce a report using a less flexible reporting scheme.